How a Perm can change the world.

As I sat in the staff canteen eating my plate of veggies and barley; I saw a man sitting at the adjacent table.

Tony 2

His picture above can show the features that drew my attention. His curly hair, his wrinkle-less skin and his smile. I had to ask, “do you perm?”  The unbelievable answer that came, was, “yes.”

Not a word that we shared would be understood by either of us, as he speaks only Cantonese and I do not. But the inspiration that came from meeting him taught me valuable lessons.

Beauty is for everyone. And healthy skin comes if you sleep well, eat veggies, and are happy.

Tony works in the laundry and no matter if the towels are piled higher than the ceiling, his smile will remain. He is 51 and born the year of the Ox. He told me that he believes that his skin is so good because he is good. Wow. I am overwhelmed. If only a perm could do that to the rest of the world.


Valentines at Spatique


A mixture of reds collect in the center of our Spatique.  Found here are Sage Candles, Rag and Bone hand bound books, and Tonic heat pillows.

Valentines 3


The best part of Valentines, besides love, is chocolate (for me anyway.)  I have found these amazing different sources of aromatherapy and flower essence infused into chocolate. Lotus Wei and NHR Organic Oils.  I have also found these wonderful homemade slippers that are so comfy from Nayla.

Email me with questions or if you would like to purchase!

My 2 month goal loosing 5 kilos.

Day Four.

Today was a little of an issue.  Last night there was an addition to my intended plan. We had our annual Holiday Managers Cocktails.  I had one too many glasses of wine. I did some research on how much fat is in a glass of wine.  The results are shocking.


The Telegraph tells us a bottle of wine is like eating a snickers bar.

So back to the basics.  Today I started with a cup of hot water with lemon. Then a fresh juice of carrot, celery, apple and kale.  Followed by some Pili nuts and off to work I went.

Lunch was  a big salad full of chickpeas and carrots.


Dinner:  Planned to have Grilled Salmon with Tomatoes and Basil.  Click this link for the recipe.


My 2 month goal loosing 5 kilos.

Day three of my 2 month goal to lose 5 kilos.

This morning I started with a cup of hot water and lemon.


Followed by a cup of pu’er tea. Click the photo and find out more info.


Followed by a fresh juice of apple, celery, and lemon.


For lunch:

A white fish filet with steamed greens. Another cup of hot water with lemon.

For dinner:

Yellow lentil soup. And a glass of wine!

No time for exercise today because I have a meeting in the late evening.  However, I have been practicing with pulling in my core and doing deep breaths all through the day. See more about his practice by clicking here.

My 2 month goal loosing 5 kilos.


I was recently in Boracay for my birthday and was in a bathing suit. OMG. What happens when you leave yourself to eat bread, and not exercise…is not funny. You may think that I am crazy, but to myself I know that the addition of fat cells have made my pants undeniably uncomfortable.

In two months time I will be traveling to see family that I have not seen in years. So I am on a serious health freak trend. I am going to spend the next two months eating healthy and exercising. I will reduce my kilos by 5 and I will be full of energy. I will write every day what I have done. Please join me and comment if you have any other ideas.

Every day drink one liter of Nettle, Red Clover, Alfalfa tea. And 2 liters of water.

Day one:

Had Congee for breakfast.

Hamam Treatment and asked my lovely therapist to focus on lymphatic drainage.

Lunch menu, salad with chickpeas

Took a Hot Yoga class at 6:30pm.

Dinner: Vegetable Soup and water with lemon.


Day Two:

Egg with Salmon for breakfast.

Walk in the park with my lovely family.

Lentil Soup for Lunch.

Salad for dinner.