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What is the Meridian System?


What is the Meridian System?

Chinese medicine believes there is a distribution network for the fundamental substances of Qi, the body.  This distribution network is called the Meridian System and it looks like a giant web, linking different areas of our body together. Its pathways make up a body map that supplies vital energy to every part of the body.

The Chinese meaning of the word Meridian

“Jing luo”, the Chinese term for meridian has two interesting meanings. These meanings date back several thousand years and are reflected in the ancient Chinese medical text, Huang Di Nei Jing (The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine), which says:

Jing meridians act as the interior. Those which branch off horizontally are luo meridians. Jing means to pass through or pathway and refers to the vertical channels. Luo means network and refers to the networks that branch off from the vertical channels (Jing). Both Jing and Luo mean link or connection, and they are bound closely together to form channels.

Classification of Meridians

The Meridian System has 12 principal meridians that correspond to the yin and yang organs and the pericardium. (Yin organs are usually those without an empty cavity, and include the liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys. Yang organs are organs with an empty cavity such as the gall bladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine and bladder. In TCM, yin and yang organs are physiological functional units that incorporate a much broader meaning than common western thinking.)

Meridians linked with yin organs are known as yin meridians; if they are linked to yang organs, they are known as yang meridians. In addition to the12 principal meridians, there are eight extra meridians and smaller network-like luo meridians. Among the eight extra meridians, the Governing Vessel and the Conception Vessel are considered the most important channels, because they contain acupuncture points which are independent of the twelve principal meridians.

At the Spa at Four Seasons we use this knowledge for a treatment called The Forbidden Rice.  We use the wonderful organic products of Ling New York and combine them with the knowledge of East.

Forbidden Rice Treatment

This full-body treatment is the essence of East meets West. A rice and ginger body scrub exfoliates the entire body and is then removed without you having to leave the treatment bed. A two-phase massage follows. First, a rich butter of organic ginger, lotus and fennel is used to stimulate blood circulation. This is followed by a lymphatic drainage massage using a warming oil blend of cinnamon, ylang-ylang and black pepper. This truly indulgent treatment is inspired by old and new Hong Kong.

The Modern Quilt Guild

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Reality of Dry Brushing-Detoxing and Reducing Cellulite

Dry skin brushing is the single most important therapy you can add to your detox program or your daily routine. Your skin being your largest organ of elimination releases a pound of waste each day.  It is the first organ to show symptoms of imbalance and toxicity. If your skin cannot efficiently release the toxins, you may experience rashes, acne, hives, itchiness, body odor, or even eczema and psoriasis. Dead skin cells, excreted wastes and external pollution which is including dirt and residue from skin care products, can build up and clog your pores. Clogged pores inhibit your skin from effectively releasing toxins.  Therefore Dry Brushing used daily can help to eliminate toxins that are either clogged or released to the skin surface.

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing – More than a Beauty Treatment!
Everyone knows that exfoliation the skin creates radiant and vibrant looking skin. But it is also an essential tool for good circulation, strengthening the immune system, stimulating the nervous system, toning the muscles and improving digestion.

Here is a list of the many inspiring benefits of dry skin brushing:

  • Stimulates blood and lymph flow.  The lymph flows outside of the circulatory system to bathe, cleanse and restore all of our cells.  If we don’t move the lymph we end up with swollen tissues, particularly in the ankles. Exercise, massage and skin brushing help to speed the process and clear the lymphatic system.
  • Removes dead skin cells. Dry skin is a sign of detoxification. It is important to remove the dead cells to keep from clogging the system. This will also improve skin texture and renew the skin cells.
  • Reduces cellulite. It requires daily brushing for several months to start to see results. When you massage and stimulate the skin it begins to break up the toxic deposits of stored fatty tissues that pucker the overlying skin into cellulite. Connective tissue massage and releasing stored emotions are also good treatments for cellulite.  At the Spa at Four Seasons we have a Resculpting Treatment that includes Dry Brushing and of course our wonderful products from The Organic Pharmacy.

Resclupting Treatment

Maybe one of the most important benefits of this practice is purely the pleasure of nurturing your body. Learning to love your body is essential for weight loss and the healing of any bodily “dis-ease.” Spend this time, 5-15 minutes per day, giving your body the attention it craves and deserves. It works hard to support you. Giving it superior support will reward you many times over.- Kimmy Spa Concierge.


Valentines at Spatique


A mixture of reds collect in the center of our Spatique.  Found here are Sage Candles, Rag and Bone hand bound books, and Tonic heat pillows.

Valentines 3


The best part of Valentines, besides love, is chocolate (for me anyway.)  I have found these amazing different sources of aromatherapy and flower essence infused into chocolate. Lotus Wei and NHR Organic Oils.  I have also found these wonderful homemade slippers that are so comfy from Nayla.

Email me with questions or if you would like to purchase!


Another research project from my wonderful concierge at the Spa Four Seasons Hong Kong.


Benefits of Ginseng (Panax quinquefolium) The name Panax means “all-heal” in Greek.

Uses of Ginseng
By folk medicine practices, American ginseng and Asian ginseng (P. ginseng) roots are used as an aphrodisiac, stimulant, or for sexual dysfunction in men.  It is also known to help with respiratory illnesses, quality of life, and resistance to stress (we all need this!) We can also use the healing properties of ginseng in our cosmetic and skin care products.

Ginseng Beauty
It is known to be a secret of delaying aging and sustaining youthfulness and beautiful skin (especially the Korean ginseng)  It provides elasticity to the skin by activating cellular function and producing new skin cells.  The Spa has ginseng in one of our newer product lines, Ling.  They have a Ginseng Mask which is formulated with Aloe Vera to soothe, Collagen to firm and Panax Ginseng to tone.


Ginseng Tea
Benefits: Ginseng tea is considered as one of the most nutritious herbal supplements available in the world.  Below are some of the aliments it can help.

  • Menstrual Problems: American Ginseng tea is well-known for its cooling effect. It is recommended for young women who suffer from menstrual cramps and distress.
  • Low Blood Pressure: This energetic drink keeps you on your toes all day long.
  • Brain Food: Ginseng tea acts as a stimulant to the brain cells. It improves the concentration power and thinking capabilities.
  • Obesity: This tea is popular as a natural appetite suppressant.
  • Sex Problems: Men with erectile dysfunction disorder can consume ginseng tea as it lessens the symptoms of such sex related conditions.

Who really knows. by Claire Blackshaw

Claire Blackshaw

You wonder, with all the support and love you receive during a break up – how much do people really know? And really, how much can they advise you? It really isn’t that I don’t trust anyone – because frankly I take hold of every word my best friends say – they are the gospel and I lay my life on their word. I have lived my life by other people and often I wish I could make up my own mind, because I have so much self-doubt in this age, when I know I shouldn’t with everything I have learnt. But sometimes – this time – I wonder: is it gospel? Is their word true? Can they really comment? And do they really know?

For the reality of it all is: if we were all the same – then we would all find relationships easy. We could read a textbook and there would be the answer:  1 + 1 = 2.  But it isn’t. And even someone who is sitting in a heavenly relationship, with love billowing from their very being, would not be able to tell you what is really in THEIR relationship.

My man is… was… not perfect. Far from it. But nor am I. And my friends are biased, of course they are. Majority rules – so the fact is – I am able to say what I am about to say: his behaviour was wrong; wrong for me, wrong for us, unjust, unfair, thoughtless and inconsiderate. But…

That does not give carte blanche to rule him out as a candidate for my future.

For when they say that, I feel more lost, more hurt, more afraid… more, more, more. And then angry. Angry with them. But the love I have, and the lessons my Mother taught me, thankfully allow me to be gracious with their comments and not argue their sentiments. Especially as ultimately, they do what I would do; give the only advice that objectively, will save the soul of the person you care about, in the moment you are in.

Before I abide by everyone else, I suppose what I really want to know is: how many times did they let him fuck up? Or how many times will they? And are all the things I hate, worth the things I love? The things that they will never know or feel. It is so easy to hear the worst and taint every image in their heads with your candid words of bitter resentment and angst. But how often do we sing sweetly about the one we love? How much can any other stand to hear the song of happiness and togetherness? We live in a world of saving social grace by arrogantly highlighting every moment of our own prosperity in international web-share. But in public, we cannot stand up and strong, and praise the love we have. We find it easier to complain, to mope and whimper. And mar the image of another great human. For in all his imperfections, this man is heaven sent.

When we speak, we rarely have consideration for the power of our words, or the effect they have on others. Not speaking of words directed at someone, but in their hearing your opinion. It is an almighty and powerful thing. So when you speak badly of your man, be sure that it has been counterbalanced with words of praise and love. Know that in what you are saying, you are equalising him and not condemning him. Not resigning him to a life where you can no longer be together because your friends despise him – because all you have ever encouraged is his demise.  Because ultimately… the only person that has to live with him or the loss of him, is you.

Thank you Miss Claire Blackshaw for sharing your words, your heart, and truthfully who really knows?!

-Illustration by Eleanor Jane Gould