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  1. Hello Shoshana!!!
    This is Karen Edge….Epicuren, Maroma, Mexico!!!
    I saw this website and was so excited to find out where you are! It looks like you are everywhere!!! Way to take the world by storm!

    Obviously, you are doing well and enjoying life to the fullest. I left Epicuren about 2 yrs ago and was Director for a gorgeous spa, salon and laser center here in Virginia Beach. Loved every minute of it, but unfortunately, the doctors sold it so now I enjoy spas from the customer side!

    You were always one of my favorite account directors and I am thrilled to see how well you are doing.

    Are you living in Hong Kong?

    Hope the holidays are being kind to you.

    Love and life!

    Be well,

    1. KAREN! So wonderful you have found me! So good to hear from you! I miss our times at Maroma Resort! Yes we are in Hong Kong! I am the Director of Spa at Four Seasons. I am loving every minutes of it! I still love Epicuren and the founder of the products! What are you doing now??? Be well and I do hope we can connect in person in the future!

  2. Hi Shoshana; I just discovered a section in WordPress that held a whole whack of messages that I had not seen or replied too. It was quite timely since I have been thinking of you the past 2 days. My trip to Ethiopia was a huge success for many reasons. One of them was due to my introduction to 3 wonderful species of Frankincense native to Ethiopia. Another reason was establishing a working relationship with an expert in Frankincense and the field of local aromatic and medicinal plants who distills local aromatics in small quantities for export. Of course I placed an order with him, but we have some exiting projects and plans we are working on together.
    The reason I was thinking of you was because the Frankincense “Anti-Aging”/ Wrinkle Creme I developed in January Has been getting glowing reviews from my Guinea pigs. Texture, fragrance, shelf life and results from regular use are very encouraging. My biggest concern has been the lack of added preservatives. Even though the Frankincense has inherent preservative qualities, as soon as water is added to a mix, it is an open invitation to unwanted organisms. What happens when it leaves my hands? What if…… I have been struggling with this and have decided for my own peace of mind I will add a minute, recommended amount of “Liquid Germal” a Paraben based broad spectrum preservative.
    One of the exiting projects I am working on, is “adding value” to Ethiopian products and materials. Poor countries seem to stay poor and in a “developing” state, until people take the time to develop them. My friend and I are working on a number of ways to add value to natural Ethiopian resources that usually get sold to richer countries at rock bottom prices where they are processed into high value products. This leaves the richer countries richer, the poor and developing countries just as poor, and no more developed than they were before they sold their resources. Middle men make a good profit as does everyone between them and the consumer.
    So…. To make a long story short…3 types of Frankincense grow naively in Ethiopia. Boswellia Rivae,( OMG the fragrance of this one blows me away!)
    Boswellia Papyrifera,( haunting fragrance whether fresh oil or burnt as incense!). This is the one the “Church” buys up for its own use, and the resin all Ethiopians use for their daily coffee ceremonies. (Sustainability needs to be addressed!)
    And Boswellia Neglecta, Though just as lovely in its fragrance as the others,this one speaks to me of broad healing applications. I will have to examine its chemical constituents.
    Did I already say I was going to make a long story short??
    O.K. After distilling of the essential oils from frankincense, (only 6%-12% is actually in the oleo-resin.). My friend is left with a fragrant gum-resin mix that he can only sell as an inferior, low grade incense for about 15% of its original value.
    This gum-resin mix is exactly what I use to make my Frankincense “Anti-Aging creme. It’s natural gum/resin content gives it inherent emulsifying capabilities. It is packed with skin healing properties and still has its original heavenly fragrance, but not in concentrations that might burn or cause reaction on sensitive skin.
    I brought back a few kg. of the three different Frankincense types, am distilling them as we speak, and when done I will use each one separately to produce and test a creme.(with a preservative).
    If successful, we will not only have a unique,”natural”, and efficacious skin care product for a growing segment of the global population, but will have created a “value added”, product that can be produced in Ethiopia in whole or part, and add one more little step forward towards a developing country actually developing.
    In hindsight this reminds me a bit of the profound “Rules of life you added at the end of your “About” description. Maybe it was “Clean up your side of the street”, Things seem to be changing lately, It seems that more and more of the world is now living on our side of the street, Us and them is a division that is getting fuzzier daily, The problems around the other side of the world are feeling more like “our” problems. Thing are changing.
    May I send you a couple of samples? Use you as one of my “Guinea Pigs? Especially after reading your “About” on your Blog this morning, I see there was good reason to ask you to share your personal, professional experience and wisdom. The more input I get,the better a product I can create.
    Also, to answer a question you left me a few weeks ago regarding my other products and whether they are for sale, I recently inserted a link on my Word Press site, in the navigation bar, that leads to my new, (work in progress), website and store. You will find a growing number of products for sale as I get it all set up.
    Forgive the long winded letter Shoshana, Hadn’t heard from you in a while.
    Hope all is well.
    All the best

    1. Dear Dan. I am just seeing this after leaving the blog for more than a year. How did the project turn out. I have found that frankincense is also amazing for hypo thyroid and goitres so I am very interested !

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