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Shoshana Spa. These ideas, images, and new discoveries will flow through your life with ease and comfort. Like breath. Spa is everywhere and encompasses everything, the Science of Life. This blog was created with the belief that every day is a world. Take what works for you and throw out the rest!

After graduating from University I heard the world map calling my name. The next thing where temple bells ringing in Asia. Spending one year backpacking into areas that had never been visited by tourists, the world opened for me. The longer I spent away from all that I had known, the deeper I found myself discovering Self. The further I traveled the more absorbed I became in others cultures customs and methods. After one year I returned home and on the plane I remember there was a flash of clarity that summed my experience into three objectives for my future. To learn to live sustainably, find Self, and to learn how to heal others through an alternative medicine practice.

This journey has taken me fifteen years and is still ongoing. I have worked many seasons on sustainable farms in many different countries. I became a certified Yoga Instructor by way of Satchidanada, and Desikachar, which included all 8 limbs of Yoga, gifting me with knowledge of Self. I was then certified as an Ayurvedic Consultant and western herbalist so that I could then help other heal. All of these tools led me to a Day Spa in New York, Pratima. I started as a therapists, which led me to administering the herbs that Pratima was giving during her consultations. After years, I was not only running the spa but had re-branded and created 20% more revenue. My passion took me even further, I was asked to go to Mexico and open a sanctuary spa in a hotel in the Riviera Maya. This was my first project with Orient Express Hotels. After years of working for them I became their corporate Director of Development for Spas. I traveled around the world creating concepts and spas. After all this travel my health began to falter so I took it as an opportunity and opened my own business, Shree, which helped product lines to enter into the Spa market. Years later I felt the craving of team spirit and decided to go back to Spa Management at the Spa at Four Seasons Hong Kong.

What lesson or lessons have you learned on the way that might help others?

Clean up your side of the street. No person, place, or thing can affect your own behavior. Take responsibility. There is no such thing as victim.


10 thoughts on “About Shoshana Spa

    1. So I believe what Susie meant here (I was with her..husband Pete) is that here is a very ulascpe hotel property with a nice spa facility and it was obvious the customers coming to the spa knew more than the staff. Many properties have management at the GM level that think the spa is a necessary evil. It helps drive room night sales for bookings but when a customer gets to the hotel then the chase is over for management, they won, you booked a night. We recently talked to a day spa chain that is doing very well, they hire business people to run the spas. However, those business people know that customer service brings them back and so there is a lot of training involved. In the case of this hotel spa, the manager came from F and B and it seemed like she would rather be F and B’ing it. Spa didn’t seem like a job she wanted. Spa staff have to love and know what they are doing as this industry is a nurturing industry. I started to ask qustions about the different product lines they sold not one of the staff knew a thing about the products offered for sale. I did end up buying about $85 worth of product because I never heard of the brands and wanted to test them out. How do you sell product or spa services unless you understand the benefit they offer? Thus the branded names work that angle in hiring, training and executing. When you are in the spa business with the mindset to get the customer to the hotel, then you are in the hotel business. Thus the divide. I know there are excellent hotels who run their own operations in a terrific manner, they are too few unfortunately and thus this blog post. I love orginality THAT WORKS!

  1. Lupita says:

    Shoshana is the first time that I take the time to read shoshanaspa, I love your history, I did not know your history before Kinan just after, and I proud have been part of this proyect with you, I grew up, I learned as a therapist.

    I always see how much passion and love you put in kinan and I learned of you to be creative, see in each detail an opportunity to create, see each person like a one unique universe and how much we can health with our intention and love.

    I proud of you, to see how much you have grown up as a person as a proffesional.

    All my respect and love for you.

    English in not my maternal languaje sorry for the mistakes but the must importan is with my heart.


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