Everyone needs work on Banishing Arm Jiggle!

dr. stacey naito's blog

Many women complain of upper arm jiggle but do not know how to firm up this area.  There are a number of targeted exercises which you can perform which will help to firm up the muscles in the area, thus tightening up the region.  Here is a regimen which uses a combination of equipment, so if you do not have access to weights, simply perform the exercises which use only your body weight as resistance.  This regimen is also designed to be performed in supersets, so you will do one set of an exercise, then move immediately to the next exercise, then the next until a complete superset is performed.  Once a superset is completed, rest for 30 seconds, then start your next superset.  If you perform this routine one to two days per week, you should see some improvement in your arms after a few weeks.

Triceps fo BlogSUPERSET #1 (Perform…

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