My 2 month goal loosing 5 kilos.


I was recently in Boracay for my birthday and was in a bathing suit. OMG. What happens when you leave yourself to eat bread, and not exercise…is not funny. You may think that I am crazy, but to myself I know that the addition of fat cells have made my pants undeniably uncomfortable.

In two months time I will be traveling to see family that I have not seen in years. So I am on a serious health freak trend. I am going to spend the next two months eating healthy and exercising. I will reduce my kilos by 5 and I will be full of energy. I will write every day what I have done. Please join me and comment if you have any other ideas.

Every day drink one liter of Nettle, Red Clover, Alfalfa tea. And 2 liters of water.

Day one:

Had Congee for breakfast.

Hamam Treatment and asked my lovely therapist to focus on lymphatic drainage.

Lunch menu, salad with chickpeas

Took a Hot Yoga class at 6:30pm.

Dinner: Vegetable Soup and water with lemon.


Day Two:

Egg with Salmon for breakfast.

Walk in the park with my lovely family.

Lentil Soup for Lunch.

Salad for dinner.


6 thoughts on “My 2 month goal loosing 5 kilos.

      1. It does, so cut back and limit yourself (like you already do) choose wholemeal, not crust rolls, there’s a lot of ways to have what you want to eat and still achieve your goals 🙂

  1. The other part of your family has its own weight to lose before tropical bathing suit reunion season too. On this end we are taking a different tract and following the paleo diet. We are eating like cavemen. But I have decided that my tribe were bee keepers and lived near lots of abounded bird nests with perfect little eggs. So we’ll see if these kind of cavemen loose the same kinda weight.

    But my point is…the heavier you show up the more for me to squeeze and love!!!!!!

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