Spa Rant: Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety by Karen Fong

“The therapist will be with you at all times” is not a phrase I used to take very seriously. I didn’t used to think it was necessary especially when there are times when there isn’t much for them to do, particularly during facials.

Masks are a big part of facials and we all know the importance of having them on, having the goodness of the ingredients soak into your face, while maybe taking a little nap. It makes sense that this is when a therapist might step out for a bit but PUH-LEASE, come back soon!

Waking up in the middle of a mask, particularly the hard, solidifying types is a surreal, absolutely weird feeling. Usually your eyes and your mouth are covered, so you’re effectively mute and blind. What was worst, was that no one was there to answer my mewling sounds of confusion.

The most recent time this happened (today), it was even more annoying by the fact that there was drilling outside the spa. So in addition to being blind and mute, there was a never-ending stream of Armageddon-sounding destruction going on outside. It just makes for a very surreal experience where you lie there, and wait (and time seems to pass way slower when you can’t see or talk), until finally someone comes through the door, whips off the mask and “reveals a whole new you.”


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