Concierge Talk-Thyroid


The thyroid is named from the Greek word for “shield”. The thyroid gland is one of the largest endocrine glands that produces hormones, the main ones being T3 T4 which regulate the rate of metabolism.  T3 and T4 are synthesized from both iodine and tyrosine.

The most common problems of and overactive (hyper) or under active (hypo) thyroid gland are:

  • thyroid enlargement/goiter
  • skin issues
  • deficient immunity
  • gastrointestinal
  • mental/mood changes
  • depression
  • irritability
  • weight gain
  • fatigue
  • cold extremities
  • low sex drive
  • insomnia
  • dry skin, hair or nails

Foods That Benefit Your Thyroid

It is now common knowledge that best way to support your thyroid is to eat balanced whole foods.  Also important is including iodine.  This can be found in: fish, shellfish, and sea salt. However my favorite source is from seaweed, kelp, dulse, arame, and hijiki.

Seaweed is full of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, K, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids. These above mentioned elements are essential for healthy skin.  It is said that seaweed can help the aging process and protect our skin from harsh environmental factors.  Seaweed also contains fatty acids which help to combat skin irritation and inflammation.

Spa at Four Seasons helps to protect and strengthen the Thyroid.  We have Seaweed wraps that contain Fucus and Laminaria algae. Toxins and bacteria are expelled from the pores. Organic iodine in Laminaria and the fat burning elements of Fucosterol help reduce fat. Detoxification takes place while minerals and vitamins aid in healing and restoring damaged skin.

Our treatment – Complete Organic Cleanse

Designed to cleanse the body of pollution and toxins, this organic treatment begins on a heated marble table with a full body exfoliation using a salt and juniper berry scrub.  After being immersed under the hot rain shower, a fucus seaweed clay is painted all over your body.  While the clay infuses, your face is cleansed and a cucumber mask is applied, after which an uplifting head massage is performed.  This deeply purifying treatment finishes with a full body massage on our luxurious Spa bed, using 100% organic blended detox oil.


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