Goldenrod Vinegar-Great for Dreams and Transition into the Cold

Goldenrod, otherwise known as Solidago is an amazing herbal ally.  Solidago actually means to make strong, or to make healthy.  I have used this plant for many years for the change of seasons from summer to fall.  Below is a recipe to macerate this herb into a vinegar.  I have often found that this vinegar gives me crazy dreams so make sure to enjoy the ride.

Medicinal Benefits of Solidago:

  • improve mineral balance
  • reduce flatulence
  • enhance immune functioning
  • diuretic
  • topical anti-inflammatory and antiseptic

It was once believed that goldenrod could actually make rubber.  Can you imagine how this would change the world?  Shoes made out of goldenrod.

Goldenrod is also a great dye for those seeking a yellow color and it was also used by Native Americas for throat ache!

How to make the Goldenrod Vinegar:

Coarsely chop all parts of the goldenrod, filling this into a jar; then fill the jar to the top with apple cider vinegar. I would use a plastic cap as vinegar can erode  metal.  The goldenrod vinegar will be ready  in six weeks.  Amazing to use as a salad dressing.  Yum!


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