Garlic Milk is an Aphrodisiac

Garlic Milk –

This is a true aphrodisiac and sedative drink before bedtime.  It awakens desire.  I am a true testimony to this!  Try it, it is easy!

1. Crush the garlic cloves (try one for the first time, and then two after) a little with the sides of a knife or a garlic crusher.

2. Heat the milk with garlic in it and continue to simmer.

3. Option to add the turmeric powder.

4. Let the milk, garlic and turmeric slow boil thoroughly till the garlic is soft when pressed.

6. Add one teaspoon of honey and then drink the milk and make sure you eat those cooked garlic cloves.

In addition this healing drink has a cleansing, laxative action, it is known to be an expectorant, it is anti-fungal and has antibiotic properties.


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