Yerba Mate, Dim Sum, Shabbat Dinners. What do they have in Common?

My first blog in a long time and it will be a short one. This is meant to be a simple reminder.  I myself have been reminded because we have just passed through Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year) and I found again this very important element throughout the all the celebrations.

My thoughts take me to a beautiful social phenomenon, called sharing.  I believe that social sharing heals not only individuals but communities. During my years I have found sharing and healing in the South American ritual of drinking of Yerba Mate, the Chinese sharing of Dim Sum and the Jewish Friday night Shabbat dinners.

In all of these situations or rituals, people gather and share.  Whether it be a lifting and antioxidant drink together with stories from the land, or interesting combinations of food combined with lots of tea, or rich cuisine and hot debates on world politics.  All of these rituals involve a deep level of trust and personal development.

If you search online: sharing, you will find that the electronic world focuses on sharing as an angel for social media.  Gone are the days when most of the information present on sharing would be about personal interactions and the development that comes from it

My questions to reader will hopefully spark a reminder to get out there and share.   When was the last time that you sat with a group of people and enjoyed the simplicity of life through sharing?  When was the last time that you felt together and not alone?

What a difference sharing makes. It is present in children. My child said today in his class, “sharing is caring”. Do you feel the same?


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