Rosemary Essential Oil Part 2

Did you know that Aphrodite was depicted as wearing rosemary when she was first born.

Found along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, rosemary oil has a deep history dating back to the Roman days. The Romans used rosemary for a variety of purposes, including healing, incense, cosmetics and religious ceremonies. Even today, people hold rosemary essential oil sacred because of its incredible beauty and healing properties, which include being a memory aid, pain reliever, skin toner, mouthwash, moisturizer, respiratory aid and more.

Rosemary oil is known as a stimulating oil.  It is best when used early in the morning when for a kick start or an energy booster (instead of coffee, try a rosemary tea!).  Either put a few drops it into an oil burner/diffuser with water or better yet put a couple of drops on the floor of the shower, the steam will do the work.

Rosemary is the perfect oil for use when studying. It stimulates memory processes and alertness and enhances short and long term memory.

After a Hot Yoga Class, I use it for any aching, or after climbing on of Hong Kong’s’ upward hikes…

Poor circulation and low blood pressure can also be helped with rosemary oil baths, while bathing take many deep breaths!  This oil is also wonderfully combined with black pepper, orange, or cypress oil.

Rosemary as we all know brightens dull hair and helps balance oiliness. Add 10 drops to your full conditioner bottle.

Assuming you are interested in finding out the specifics on how this product can help you, here is a deeper look at rosemary oil.

Rosemary Essential Oil

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