Count Me Healthy Jewelry

I have found the most amazing reminders that can be worn as jewelry.  The designer Chelsea Charles created this jewelry to serve as a reminder to track daily health goals. She used her initial designs to count daily fruit and vegetable servings— making sure she got enough. These beaded bangles quickly became popular among celebrities like Fergie, Cameron Diaz and Giuliana Rancic as well as thousands of women.

I cannot believe that I am even putting my name in the same paragraph (which is why I changed..) as these women, but I love them.  I have four different bangles that I use depending on my needs.  One I use to count the amount of water I have vowed to drink during the day. The other I am using to remind me of the months till I to lose a few pounds, which means effort every day.  One is a Cause bangel, that I chose to not move the beads, the cause is to conceive a new baby, No pressure!

Really they are affordable and look beautiful. Cant wait to see what Chelsea comes out with next.  We will be selling them in our the Spa at Four Seasons Hong Kong…check them out!


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