Time. There is no salvation.

I was listening to a master teacher today and he mentioned that there is no salvation in time and that presence is the key to freedom.  There is a difference between the emotional self and the true self we just have to understand.  The “true Self” is always in the present. Not stuck in fear (thoughts of the future) or in the past (thoughts of anger).  The present is truly free from all thoughts, it is current, the now.  The “emotional self” is  trapped in the past and future and feels the stress.

Today I had to counsel two of my staff members.  Reminding them that there is no excuse for “emotional self” behavior at the work place. How many times have we been caught in our own nightmares and patterns with a fellow work mate?

The master teacher said today that our patterns and behaviors will come to us if we are rich or poor.  If we do not get into the present moment then we will not be free and will not change the pattern.

To be free and find salvation, get right with NOW!


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