Hips. Why are they screaming at me?

The last four yoga classes have given me a deep insight to my Hips.  Why are they screaming at me?  This question transformed to and idea and like a galaxy wave took me back to my days sitting listening to Dr. Lad speak about the consciousness in everything.  I remember that he once said, “your hips hold the consciousness of your past karma.”

Ah ha. So that is the scream that I was feeling deep within my hips.  There is a belief that past memories, from other lives, named Soul Memories, create a spiritual DNA and is carried through lifetimes.  That seems a bit to metaphysical to me, so I think for the purpose of this blog, I would rather relate the pain in my hips to my current life.

When we experience a trauma that is not emotionally dealt with, we store those feeling in areas of the body.  They are not recognized or realized until we are ready or forced into feeling them.

Using myself as the example, I am again taken back to the pain in my hips.  If I say it in a blog maybe I will release with the help of yoga my stuck emotions.  I believe the hip pain is coming now because I am starting to try for another baby and there is fear that I will run into the same problems that I had before conceiving Lotem.  Wish me luck!  It is released. We will see what happens tonight in Yoga!


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