Sea Buckthorn-Beauty Ingredient

Who would have thought, Sea Buckthorn is actually a berry.  I have been using products with this wonder ingredient for years, thinking it was a seaweed!  This blog is proving to teach me many wonderous facts! These exotic orange berries originate in the Himalayas.

Sea buckthorn berries were said to make the coats of the horses (who ate them) shiny and strong.  They are a wonderful source of vitamins A, C & E, beta carotene and lycopene, as well as the powerful antioxidants quercetin and zeaxanthin. In addition these berries are rich in Omega 3,6,9.  The real wonder of these berries is that they are high in Omega 7 which hydrates skin, and enhances skin elasticity.

As a healing ointment
The oil can be used as an ointment to promote healing of burns (including sunburn), eczema, radiation injury ulcers and small cuts or abrasions. This healing effect is due to the beta-carotene (provitamin-A) that is in Sea-Buckthorn oil. The oil should be applied to the skin after washing and drying, and left for at least 20 minutes before removal. For best results, apply in the evening and leave overnight. However, remember that it will probably leave a temporary slight yellow-orange stain – so try and apply evenly!

Besides using them in your skin care they are also wonderful to eat!  See below a vinegar recipe!

By Sandra Rae

Put a couple of inches of sea buckthorn berries into a sterilized decorative bottle.
You can reuse a wine bottle.
You can also use canning jars with lids.

Boil white vinegar and fill bottle.
If using canning jars fill and process 10 minutes in a boiling water bath.

To use vinegar use one part vinegar to 2 parts olive oil.
Salt  and pepper to taste.
You can also add fresh  herbs,
Use on your favorite salad vegetables.
Fresh tomatoes, sliced red onion, and a little feta cheese is especially delicious.


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