Where did the witch go?

As I was walking out of the house this morning, with my Alicia Shulman necklace consisting of three strands of beaded turquoise, my husband sighs:

 ” Where has my witch gone?”

I know what he was trying to say, where had the spiritual, alter making, meditatator/yogi, gone. Had I been transformed into a corporate, high heel, suit, Again?!  WAKE UP! 

I would like to share another story, fasten your seat belts. When I used to work as the Corporate Spa Developement Director for Orient Express Hotels, I became lost in the fame.  I knew that I had gone far away from my herbal wise woman roots.  So what does a witch do, quit.  So that I did.  I made the choice to stop being a creative robot and start finding a husband and family. 

One month after, the feeling returned of the need for speed, travel, excitment, dinners, lunches, archichet drawings.  So I did, what every corporate mind does, went on interviews.  It was this moment that I remeber so vividly.   The VP”s, (that would have been my direct boss) aura spoke to me. Meaning I could read through her dry skin, her perfectly polished shoes, and her designer suit.  She looked sad, lost, and stuck in the rhythm of texting and phone calls.  Her stress that radiated off of her, and that would have been mine if I continued on that path. 

I remember laughing, (totally out of context) and feeling a light shining from the universal energy.  I thanked her for her time took my high heels off, and walked down the streets of NYC in mid-autumn with no shoes.  Connected to my inner rhythm.  I was free of the stress, the ego, the need to be.

5 years later, here I am again.  Need to find my inner witch.  Does anyone hear me?


8 thoughts on “Where did the witch go?

    1. She is always there…but as Jenny said, it is time to brush off the dust! Balance is a good word to describe what we need in our lives. As my father has always said, it does not matter what path you take, they will all get you there!

  1. Michelle KB says:

    Definitely! I too have had similar experiences slipping in & out of “robot mode” as I like to call it due to one job or another. I’d refind myself when i truly got away from the work i did at the time (didnt happen too often)
    Just listen to your heart it will lead you where you need to be.

  2. Shoshana, your inner witch is always there, just connect with her. Make sure to remember to have your herbal infusions, in fact, go make some nettles right now 🙂 I was thinking a very similar thought recently and went outside to be with the plants. Whether you live in the country or the city, the plants are all around. Make time to connect deeply with one, let her spirit guide you, ground you and come back to your roots. We all have “jobs” but when we can help our clients in the healing process we’re in the right space. As director of the spa, can you give a class about the plants? What about if you do a workshop for your employees and teach them a little of the plant wisdom that is inside of you?

    In fact, go read my blog entry I posted yesterday on our friend motherwort http://bonniesherbals.com/blog

    Love ya Shoshana

  3. I remember my first Spa Director (Chateau Elan four stasr, four diamond property then) working like a mule to book group appointments. This was in the first ten or so years the Spa had been in operation and she was expected to make it profitable. Since then, I am working on my interdisciplinary degree and I worry about what I will find if I try to get into Spa management. Right now, with this economy, the world of Spa is my best bet since I have experience as a massage and spa technician but I still hope that when I graduate in Dec of 2012 that I will find there are more open doors and windows than I currently see now.

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