A Life Aquatic: Savory and Satisfying Spirulina


A Life Aquatic: Savory and Satisfying Spirulina

NASA has shown that spirulina is the ultimate astronaut food; they found that 1 kg of spirulina is equivalent to 1000 kgs of vegetables!

Green Tara’s Spirulina Crunchies  are crunchy, salty, and delicious! Amazing on on a salad or sprinkled on an avocado.

The Spirulina Energy-Bites have the nutrient power of spirulina but taste like banana, coconut, and sesame. Yum.  

 Per calorie spirulina has:
– 7 times more Calcium than milk
– 6 times more protein than eggs
– 50 times more Iron than Spinach
– 100 times more Vitamin A than carrots

Paul Torok stumbled upon Spirulina Granules while spending time in Guanacaste, Costa Rica in 2005.

After meeting & becoming friends with the grower & his family, who had been exporting their spirulina to Europe since the late 90’s, Paul began bringing back this special spirulina in his luggage to stock up between trips and to share with friends & family.  

As word started to spread and requests for the Spirulina Granules meant quantities exceeded the      2 bag weight limit allowance of most airlines, he decided it was time to turn a labor of love into a business, and share this amazing, unique spirulina with the world at large.

In 2010, his better half Annette Berk joined the endeavor, they trademarked “Spirulina Crunchies®” and formed Green Tara, currently based in Phoenix, Arizona. Working together with Annette’s four children, Zoe, Harli, Zen & Jett, they began sending samples far & wide to introduce this incredible superfood to one & all. Their passion for making scrumptious healthy food & getting folks to try new things they wouldn’t ordinarily eat- led to creating treats made with spirulina- especially ones that are kid friendly (Spirulina Energy-Bites and Spirulina Kale Chips).

Being kid-friendly is as important to Green Tara as being planet-friendly. They strive to be as “green” as can be in an effort to make sure our beautiful planet remains clean, healthy, & vibrant for ever- for their kids, for your kids, and for theirs. Some food for thought… we reap what we sow; you are what you eat; health is wealth.


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