Mox Botanicals

I am about to launch a new addition to our Spatique on Victoria Harbor at the Spa at Four Seasons.  Mox Botanicals! They are super amazing, great aromas and very nourishing!

I have asked Jennifer, the Founder, to tell us about her story!  See below!

“I’ve always had an interest in organically-based products. One of my first jobs as a teenager was at an all-natural skincare shop! I’m thirty years old now and had a career in real estate until a few years ago. I came to a crossroads and decided that I wanted to dedicate my energy into creating this line. 

So many natural beauty products are ultra-feminine and delicate. I wanted to make something that was modern, heavy, edgy, and had a bit of a darker vibe to it. I’ve always been a product junkie and could never seem to find anything that was both design-oriented and all-natural! 

My parents were big travelers (and still are!) so I grew up traveling a lot and having the opportunity to see a lot of the world. I’ve always been fascinated with the different scents I would associate with the different cities and cultures, and I think that’s probably where my interest in perfume began. The perfume I make is a reflection of what I find important about fragrance… using the best natural ingredients from around the world. The local Oregon beeswax give the scents a honeyed-warm base that I love! Also, these fragrances are much more subtle than synthetic perfumes on the market. My perfumes are meant to be smelled only up close!

I guess the main difference between me and the millions of other companies is that I produce a very sincere product. Each little jar is hand-poured, every ingredient has a history, and no corners are being cut. Everything is in plastic these days, so using glass was very important to me as well. There’s no corporate advertising team or production line…just me! 


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