“Giving thanks for abundance
is sweeter than the abundance itself…”Rumi

Abundance can be seen in the form of love and passion towards the Universe.  In present day society we see abudance as Decadence.  We have full closets of clothes, shoes, items that we will never use.  But do we have abundance of love and support from friends? 

We have all the best kitchen supplies, the best furniture, collectible art.  But do we have abundance in the belief of the power of giving? 

Living in the United States, Mexico and China I see the decadence of plastic goods, take plastic wrap, tin foil, we use these items as if we are meant to use and throw away.  Take away containers, and trash bags, paper for printing….these items are used and thrown away. 

Where is our social responsiblity to the world of abundance in the terms of sharing and love?  Who hears me out there?


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