Lisa T-Resort Wear at the Spatique on Victoria Harbor!

The Spatique on Victoria Harbor has the most wonderful selection of Lisa T resort wear!  As the winter is thawing here in Hong Kong, or we are escaping to resorts…come and see what we have.  You may also see in the background Melissa Lo jewelry and Branche Silk pillow cases!  Oh MY! 

About Lisa T:

Lisa is the founder and design maestro behind LisaT, an innovative knitwear design house, which she established in 2006 after a decade long tenure as a knitwear designer in Hong Kong.

Born of Anglo-Chinese parentage, Lisa has always been fascinated by knitwear and textiles. Under the influence of both maternal and paternal grandmothers who were a seamstress/milliner and a crocheter/knitter respectively, Lisa’s interest evolved into a strong desire to devote her future to fashion and specifically knitwear design.

She did this through graduating from the world-renowned Central St. Martins College in London with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Textiles. Subsequently, Lisa took a position at Issey Miyaki’s assistant, Kenichi Nakayama, where she gained invaluable expertise and inspiration for her own future creations



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