Dragon Brings Transformation-Kuan Yin

The dragon is an ancient symbol of power, wisdom and transformation.  This year asks for you to find compassion inside and to give compassion outside.  The Dragon is a water sign, which helps to give us the metaphor for our emotions.  The emotions must be transformed as water does so well.  The water will bring calm in the firey situation. Anger can be stopped and an inner tranquil feeling can replace it.   Find below a poem for Kuan Yin.

If I were adrift upon the ocean

with demons and dragons all around.

I would think of sweet Kuan-Yin

and the hungry waters would subside.

If I were trapped within a furnace

as hot as hell’s own blazes,

I would think of Kuan-Yin’s power,

and the flames would turn to water.

If enemies pursued me, if I were thrown

from a high mountain peak, if knives

were raised against me, if I were imprisoned

or beset by beasts, I would call on her.

Her pity shields me from the lightning.

Her compassion is like a cloud around me,

which rains down sweetness and

puts out the fires of my sorrow.

– Chinese prayer to Kuan-Yin


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