Darshana (Vision)-Last Step

Darshana, “that through which you can see.”  Meaning, seeing Reality.  This is the last step to redefine a behavioral pattern.   This is not the Reality that you would find in reality tv. 

Darshana is the Reality that does not change, that is constant, not marked by emotions or the physical world. Modernity has made life’s’ purpose to find happiness by way of purchasing new goods, doing the physical forms of Yoga, eating, dancing,…etc.  Is this the real form of happiness, is this the real form of Reality?  Can you really find that inner reality when you are moving in a pose, or buying something?

Darshana, is summed in the Yoga Sutra by the four following excerpts:

By gaining control over mind and its modifications one can attain the highest state of wisdom.

When you come to realize your essential nature, you get freedom.

You are constantly identifying yourself with the objects of the world. That is why you are suffering.    

 Find your Reality. Find your Happiness. Do this inside your own mind.  Make it real for you and nobody else. 




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