Practice-Abhyasa-Step 5

Abhyasa/Practice: Abhyasa means having an attitude of persistent effort to attain and maintain a state of stable tranquility (1.13). To become well established, this needs to be done for a long time, without a break (1.14). From this stance the deeper practice continues to unfold, going ever deeper towards the direct experience of the eternal core of our being.- Yoga Sutras

When was the last time that anyone actually had persistent effort to maintain tranquility. I am trying to change a behavioral pattern and this would be the fifth step. To practice.  To take the effort to a deeper level.  To thrive in the meaning behind the meaning.  Like an onion, to peel the layers to get to the sweet solid center.  It is there that you find the practice. To keep that persistency driving to find the core of being.  When you find it.  The pattern of behavior fades away, it drops, leaves.  Wow. What a thrilling experience.

How to practice, to find the Abhyasa.  Just do it! No excuses!


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