Fearlessness Abhaya-Step 6

I will never forget the time that I was 20 years old and standing at the edge of a waterfall.  I was with my two travel buddies in Laos. We had been running up the Mekong River till the point we were lost and standing at the edge of a waterfall.

We had the decision to make. Try to find our ways back or jump.  We did not know which would be faster, but we did know that if we jumped it we would gain a lot more.  I was the last one to go. The girl, wearing glasses, and a bikini.

Standing on the edge of a cliff, ready to jump. My friends were screaming up through the sounds of water hitting water, “JUMP”.  My mother was screaming in my mind “DONT JUMP!”  But as luck had it, the rock was slippery, and off I went into the Fearlessness of Life.  I jumped!

I hit the water and remember nothing more than being pulled out, without glasses, or bikini.  I was in another world. I could no longer see, and I could not hear. I was stuck in the abyss of Abhaya.  I was fearless, at the moment of LIFE.  I went for three more months, with no glasses to keep the same feeling of LIFE.  Blind I went through different cultures to see the truth in everything.

Dont have fear. Go. Change your patterns!

http://jinxxedout.blogspot.com/2011/12/then-again-2011-wasnt-that-bad.html  Thanks for the photo.


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