Awareness, Vidya -Step 4

The fact that I am even calling this Step 4; is funny.  Vidya is something that takes life times to master. It is feeling of overall connection to that breathing that will take us up and out of our bodies and into a space of total awareness.  So I could be, we could be, resting in this step to change our patterns for eons.  I am referring to the last few posts that I have discussed changing patterns. Today we are on the 4th step, Vidya.  Below is an excerpt from a well-known teacher:

The immediate aim of prana vidya is to awaken and manipulate prana consciously. By developing subtle awareness the practitioner is able to perceive and gain knowledge of the nature of prana, which in turn leads to new dimensions of awareness. Prana vidya is concerned with both the expansion of consciousness and the awakening of prana that eventually leads to meditation and perfect union–yoga. Healing is, in this light, only of secondary importance. –Swami Vibhooti

Ok, back to reality. How do we achieve this step?  Use it as a stepping stone to listen to those behaviours, realize them.  We have given the intention to change, we have given ourselves to the practice of realizing them, we have become slow, and now we need to start the questioning phase.  Why is this coming to me?  Why do I behave like this?  Why am I stuck in the chains of mental bondage?   Begin to ask yourself and you have reached the 4th step, awareness!

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