Slowness. Step 3

To change a behavioral pattern it is believed that you must set an intention, retain discipline by feeling the burn, and find Slowness (Shani).  I have not posted in a few days because I have found slowness:

The pause in between the breath.  The love in the midst of anger.  The stopping when the world is going.  The rest that is found only in family. 

Shani (slowness) is described as the “slow-moving” God in the Hindu mythology.  In most of the myths he is seen as an evil God. No one wants to be stuck in the same house as him. I believe differently, slowness needs to find its way into our lives.  There are movements that are now dedicated to becoming slow. Classes, groups, meditations sessions to find that stillness, and slowness, in all aspects of our lives. 

Well, I tried, it.  I was slow for two days. In about everything I did.  My son and husband were also effected by this slowness.  As the full moon became bigger, the slower we became.  In the city of Hong Kong, where the lights and movement seems to never stop….we did.  And I can tell you, I look and feel more relieved than before!  The patterns that I was keeping seem to have dissolved, as the slowness, allowed me time to breathe and think before acting! Below is a Yantra, something to focus on in a meditation to find your own stillness.

Check out these slow websites to learn more!

Slow movement

Slow down Now Movement

Carl Honore

Slow Food Movement

Slow Food Hong Kong


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