Pneumonia. Dear Shoshana

Dear Shoshana,

Hi any ideas about pneumonia, and getting rid of it? All the kids are getting it lately. Not mine, but my daughters classmates. -cold in NYC


photo given by health today org.

Dear Cold in NYC,

Pneumonia is a general term for lung infection, one that is very important to heal quickly! It is goes without attention it could be very harmful to your health. It is said that pneumonia can be prevented as it is “an accumulation of toxins and forging can be attributed to bad feeding habits and a faulty if not wanting lifestyle.” –

I think the first thing that I would do is to stock up on Fenugreek – it is good curative for pneumonia. It works the most in the initial stages of pneumonia. Make a tea from the seeds and it will help to produce sweat, which will help to lower the fever. Four cups daily.  Susan Weed also says that it makes your sweat turn sweet!  I agree!  During this treatment, it is best to FAST, meaning do not eat anything.  This will allow the body to correct these respiratory problems.   

The second choice for me would be Garlic.   This would be the option if you did not  want to fast.  You could steep the garlic into a tea, eat it raw, and put it into all the foods that you eat.  One of my spa supervisors told me that she has strung a garlic necklace and wears it at night!  

With either of these approaches, I would also be taking high doses of Vitamin C. I was also make sure there was enough Vitamin E, B and A in my supplements.  If you had to take any antibiotics, I would make sure that I was taking Probiotics or acidophilus.   Please check your doctor or resources for the amount according to the age of your children. 

Herbally, I would be drinking Nettle tea as well as Osha. They are great plant allies!

Externally, a ginger paste on the chest would help to heat up the affected area.  Please see the link for making the ginger poultice.


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