Discipline, Heat-Step 2

Two days ago, I started on my journey of Samskara, changing one patterned conditioned behavior (hard to choose one! ) Yesterday I started with setting my Intention and today I beginning to feel the burn of this practice, the Discipline, otherwise known as Tapas.  It is the fire that burns inside each one of us.  It is the higher purpose for making ourselves better.  Tapas is our austerity, our discipline, courage, willpower & commitment.

How many of us have sat to think about what we have done to discipline or to follow through.  How many of us have the courage to keep going even if friends are saying not to.  To change a pattern of behavior, even though some at our lunch table, says that the idea is crazy. To go beyond the socially accepted concepts of life and live according to your discipline that will change your patterns.  Join me.

“Life without tapas, is like a heart without love.’ Light on Yoga,


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