7 Steps for Transforming Patterns (samskaras)

Today in Yoga class at the end of a wonderful flow, the Instructor said some meaningful words, “Take this moment to reflect on samskara (Sanskrit: “patterned or conditioned behaviors; subconscious tendencies; worldly life; impression.”)”

Photo thanks to Sitting Sun Yoga

My mind went wandering….how many patterns of behaviors do I have?  So when I returned home I went back to my books. I found the old notebook that had all the scribblings that I wrote during my years studying Ayurvedic Medicine with Dr. Lad.  After finding the meaning of Samskara, I gave myself another new year resolution. I will dig deep and find one pattern and transform!   Below are the 7 steps! Join with me.  I will go one by one for the next 7 days!

Sankalpa (Intention)
Tapas ( Discipline)
Shani (Slowness)
Vidya (Awareness)
Abhaya (Fearlessness)
Darshana (Vision)
Abhyasa (Practice)


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