Cleansing Diet after the New Year Celebration

Now that the New Year has started treat your body to a diet of cleansing.  It is simple and straight forward.

1. Drink lots of water.  The minimum is 8 glasses a day.  Do not drink water after your meal. It is better to drink during the day before meals.

2. Drink Green Chlorophyll juices.  2 glasses a day. Must be fresh

3. In every meal there should be both raw and cooked foods.  Lunch and dinner there can be a meat option.

4. If you need to drink caffeine or drink wine.  Go ahead, but try the alternatives, pu-er green tea and sulfide free wines.

Sample Menu:

Pre-Breakfast.  Drink a glass of hot water with lemon.  Then sit on the toilet (even if you do not need to go to bathroom, train your bowels to flush in the morning.)

Breakfast. Smoothie (any fruits combined with a super-food). If you are still hungry try to eat quinoa with apples (recipe found in recipe we love) or a slice of gluten-free toast with coconut butter or fresh apple butter!

Lunch. Vegetable Salad with many greens (not iceberg), may add baked chicken on top or goat milk cheese.

Dinner. Vegetable Salad with many veggies.  Baked Yam and Tofu.  or Lentil Soup made with many vegetables.

Snacks during the day.  Cut up slices of cucumbers, celery, carrots and keep with you to munch on. Fresh Figs and Nuts.  Sprouted Crackers.

Teas to drink during the day.  Nettle, red clover, oats, and Alfalfa.

If you stick with this diet for a month or two, you will see the benefits, but you must also do some form of exercise: walking, yoga, tai-chi.


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