Dear Shoshana. Infant Ear Infection.

Dear Shoshana,

My infant has an ear infection and I have tried the antibiotic way.  This did not help. What should I do? Maine in Pain

Dear Maine in Pain,

I would first suggest looking at the diet.  Write down the diet plan of one week and see if there is a lot of wheat, dairy, and meat.  I would work to eliminate these foods to reduce the inflammation.  Please email back to me the foods, and I will suggest another diet plan.  Also add probiotic to the diet.  You can open one pill and put it right on the babies tongue.

Secondly, I would prepare your own garlic oil. Garlic has many antibiotic properties that will help to fight the infection.  Heat on a very low temperature a high quality olive oil with one clove of crushed garlic.  You do not need to heat more than 5 minutes. This is a fast and easy way to steep garlic olive oil.  Take a dropper and put one drop in each ear, three times a day.  Massage the outer ear and around the neck.

Thirdly,  Please make sure that baby has enough  minerals in the diet to build the immunity against further infection.


2 thoughts on “Dear Shoshana. Infant Ear Infection.

  1. sarah says:

    Can I add to Maine in Pain? Shoshana is amazing-first off! She helped deliver my first child-so i feel comfortable treading in on this post 😉

    What age is your baby-super important for diagnosing and treating. What signs of ear infection do you have? Teething is often a major irritant and signs like pulling ears, runny nose, cough, fever can simply be from a baby teething. Of course an antibiotic will not treat this and cause more problems-immunity and digestion.

    Shoshana’s garlic oil concoction is spot on, their is also blended oils on the market that a friend uses for early signs of ear infection/irritation. But best used at the first sign.

    As I have a lot of experience with one of my daughters, please make sure you also find a Ear nose and throat Doctor to look at the ear drum and behind it. Your pediatrician WILL NOT properly diagnose ear issues-trust me. I had the best of the best in NYC and the ENT doctor has a completely different attention to detail on these matters. My ENT was totally supportive of alternative remedies and had such an attention to sleep patterns and diet as well. My middle child has smaller than normal inner ear “parts”. She has needed surgical help to alleviate and relieve infected ears and fluids stuck behind the ear drum. What can happen as with my child-the pressure changes in her ears and retracts the ear drum-so the ear drum is literally being pulled in further. Since her last surgery she has had no colds, infections or other illness. Until her ears mature and enough growth happens to allow fluids to drain-we will have to continue with our ENT. BUT early signs of ear irritation can be treated with the oils-even with my daughter. Also an ENT will provide regular hearing tests-not your pediatrician’s hearing tests. Professional audiologists test hearing and pressure in ears. Tracking this is super important as too many kids have lost hearing by simply ignoring the potential damage ear infections can do to your child.

    Again remedies like Shoshana’s will help tremendously. Please don’t think of this as just a “cold”. A child’s hearing or lack of can result in behavioral issues, sleep deprivation, and developmental delays-speech etc. There are so many amazing resources out their for our quest for better health and healing-use all of them!

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