Free-Radical Theory and Beauty

Free Radical damage has become known as the biggest factor contributing to aging.   What are they?  Put simply, they are oxygen molecules that have lost an electron and therefore, are unstable and reactive.  These free-radicals now that they have lost an electron, do as most humans do, bounce around trying to find that missing part.

Basically, they steal these electrons from healthy cells, most usually from proteins, one of which is well know in today’s beauty circuits, collagen. Collagen is that protein that gives us the skin its elasticity and allows for cuts or damage to the skin to heal quickly.  But with many radical cells roaming, it makes collagen’s tasks difficult.  Thereby, wrinkles form.

How to prevent this damage?

Cover from the sun, stay away from eating foods with pesticides and additives, stop smoking, and eat Antioxidants.  Which are found in cold press oils and raw fats, minerals, and vitamins. They help by giving a hand to those radical cells, and offering an extra electron. This then makes those cells back into oxygen to do the original work they were intended. 

Wednesday I will include some recipes for reducing free radicals and creating beauty!


2 thoughts on “Free-Radical Theory and Beauty

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