Yoga Mat Spray, Foot Soaks, Muscle Liniment, oh my!

What a lucky day!  When I arrived to work this morning I had a box on my desk all the way from Montana.  I remember those wonderful days that I spent in Montana, the freezing lakes, the roaring hills, the powerful mountains, the beautiful wildflowers, and Mrs. Kris Hill.  If you all have not met Mrs. Hill, you must!  She is a woman beyond coyotes!  When we were in the Southwest Botanical Herb School together, she was the one who knew all the answers (and they were right!) She is not only a mother to a rockin boy, a wife to a genuis man, but she is the owner of Hill Botanical.  This Botanical Shop offers organic and ethically wild-crafted bulk herbs, classes, private consultations, books, a reference library, herbal products and personalized tea blends, all in Bozeman MT.

As soon as I could open the package, the Carrot Eye Oil was instantly applied! If you can resist, you only need one small drop for both eyes. The smell of the oil takes me to a place of nourishment and calm, not mention, I can feel the dark circles reducing, fine lines being removed, and the puffiness diminishing.

The Yoga Mat Sprays, were used tonight at Pure Yoga.  The mats that are used are not ones that you necessarily want to put your face on, so one spray and wipe of the Nirvana Spray, gave me confidence to put my mind in place!  Of course after the class the Muscle Liniment came in handy! Wow, those muscles are soothed!

This may sound gimicky…but those of you who know me…know that I only speak the Truth!  Let me know if you want more details!


2 thoughts on “Yoga Mat Spray, Foot Soaks, Muscle Liniment, oh my!

    1. Not only arrived. I have been so enjoying them…I want more! I love love love love love them! Anyone that reads this needs to know that Hill Botanicals are true and pure and must be purchased!

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