Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mexican Hot Chocolate. One of the greatest gifts of the World.

Was Quetzalcoatl a trader who gave away the great secret of Chocolate?  Well thank the Gods that he did! And why is it that I am blogging about chocolate again?

The cocoa beans were used as currency back in the days of the Aztecs.  As sugar was not common, they used to drink the cocoa beans mixed with corn and chili.

The benefits? Chocolate contains  antioxidants which prevent aging, help lower blood pressure and can even balance certain hormones in the body.



1 ounce unsweetened dark chocolate
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2/3 cup boiling water
ground chiles to taste


Grate the unsweetened chocolate into a bowl. Cover with a little of the boiling water.  Mix into paste. Add the rest of the water and vanilla and beat until frothy. Add the chilies and 3 teaspoons of sugar, plus a final dash of cinnamon.


5 thoughts on “Mexican Hot Chocolate

  1. rluhring says:

    I never knew the Aztecs mixed corn in their hot cocoa! Do you know if it was whole kernels or a more ground form? This looks like a really fun way to stave off the holiday chills. Take care,

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