Pure Yoga

Tonight I encountered Timothy and therefore sweated like a pig in august!   This man really knows how to teach a hot PURE Anusara yoga class.  It is not for the weak, oh, no. I actually think that this class went clearly against everything that I have learned from all of my masterful teachers, but I loved it.  Going back to one of my first blogs, about nourishment, I felt as if the buzz in Hong Kong was released by hot movements and the twists squeezed the toxins out!

Timothy began the class by talking about Cesaria Evora.  He reminded the class that as a singer she always sings barefoot, grounded.  He went on to explain that her music is a complete contrast to that, it is so very light and uplifting.  With those two contrasting topics the class went for 60 minutes.  I cannot believe I made it out of there alive, and I want more!

Every fluid movement (that I tried to make) connected me deeper into the ground.  And every drop of sweat felt as if it was lightening me to lift! Great feeling.  Going again tomorrow!


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