Sleep Problems? Have more Sex!

For adults I believe the best way to have better sleep patterns is to HAVE SEX!  I know that this is coming from being married to a Latin man…but come on, who does not agree?!  It is Monday and we need to talk about Movement.  I think that all the pills we take to sleep could be avoided if we moved our bodies more.  That could be during sex, or it could be just plain old exercise!

Move your body!

Now from the research I have done, it has been said that those endorphins that are released during and after sex, can actually help to relax the mind and make way for some zzzzzzz…..

Try it!


One thought on “Sleep Problems? Have more Sex!

  1. Shoshana, very correct, but for many women sex is difficult as they begin to go through menopause, they are dry and it is very painful. Recently I started to carry an amazing product that has women telling me that for years they haven’t been able to have sex with their partners and now its wonderful. For younger women, it enhances their sexual experience. For more information you can go to

    Thanks for bringing this to peoples attentions.

    Bonnie Rogers

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