Lactose Intolerance? Goats Milk vs. Cows Milk

Dear Shoshana,

I breast-fed for 4 months.  I gave my baby formula with cows milk and his temper has never been the same.  Do you think there is a difference between cows milk and goats milk? – Bad Temper

Dear Bad Temper,

Firstly, goats are amazing, because the produce a wonderfully nutritious drink for both goats and humans and do not take nearly the same land as to feed as a common cow.

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I do believe there is a big difference between cows and goats milk and I have the same feeling about giving it to your baby and giving it to yourself.  Goat milk has less lactose than cows milk so that if your baby is reacting, this maybe the reason.  Goat milk proteins have many significant differences in their amino acid compositions from the milk of cows, (Jenness, 1980; Boulanger et al., 1984; Addeo et al., 1988; Ambrosoli et al., 1988). The major difference is that it is that the fat cells are smaller in goat milk and therefore easier to digest.

Goats milk vs. Cows Milk

1. Goat’s milk is less allergenic.

2. Goat’s milk is naturally homogenized.

3. Goat’s milk is easier to digest.

4. Goat’s milk rarely causes lactose intolerance.

5. Goat’s milk matches up to the human body better than cow’s milk.


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