Relationship with our Food & Yummy Carrot Jam

Last night at a work function I overheard a “famous actor” talking about her relationship with food.  A bubble formed at the top of my head, as if my life became a cartoon character, and was reminded of a time back in 2001 working on, Darthia Farm and organic sustainable farm in Maine.

This time marked my life with many changes. One of which was going from a vegetarian (for over 15 years) to a fanatic meat-eater.  I went from not being able to fathom eating a chicken to: killing, picking feathers off, and then baking.

Why did I choose to eat the chicken?  I felt that if I could raise it and then kill it, I should eat it.  My mouth watered for it.  The whole process of growing, sacrificing, and eating was quite primordial. This new ME formed. I had to redefine my relationship with food.

I explored the food movements: conscious eating, slow foods, raw foods, detox foods, super energy foods.  But the reality was, what relationship could I have after I left the sustainable farm?  Do we know where are foods are coming from? What factories they were raised in?  What fertilizers they drank?

I cannot answer the question for you but I know for my family, I make conscious choices about what we eat. Please let these ideas spark thought for you and your family.  Begin to realize what is on your plate.

With these thoughts, I leave you with a wonderful recipe for Carrot Jam from my one of my favorite herbal books, A Modern Herbal, written by Mrs. M. Grieve.

—Carrot Jam—
Wash and grate some carrots; boil until reduced to a thick pulp. To 1 Ib. of this pulp add 9 oz. sugar, the juice and grated rind of 2 lemons, and 3 oz. butter (amended by Shsohana and Karin!). Boil the mixture well for 45 minutes to 1 hour. The result is a useful and inexpensive jam, which can be made for 6d. to 8d. a lb. (according to the price of the lemons), if all materials have to be bought, and for considerably less by those who have home-grown carrots available.

—Preserved Young Carrots—
Turn the carrots in their own shape, and as you do so, them turn into hot water; when all are ready, put them in a stewpan with water enough to cover them; add fresh butter in the proportion of an ounce to the pound of carrots, and salt to season; boil the carrots in this till half done, and then arrange them neatly in tin boxes; fill up with their own liquor, solder down, boil for hour, and put them away in the cool.


2 thoughts on “Relationship with our Food & Yummy Carrot Jam

  1. Love this! Just a healthy suggestion, why not use a healthy oil like coconut or grape seed oil or even organic butter instead of the processed (trans fat) Margarine used in the recipe? Lots of love, Nutritious N’ Delicious.

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