California Poppy! Transformation

Thank you Henriette’s Herbal for reminding me of this magnificent herb, California Poppy.  This dedicated to all of my friends at the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, in Bisbee, AZ.  Back in 2003 I was enrolled in one of the most brilliant studies of my life, with the late Michael Moore.  During one of our field trips we drove from Bisbee to California.  Michael had us stop and hike up this little mountain.  The entire side of this mountain was covered with the shining faces of California Poppy, Eschscholzia californica.  From those wonderful little flowers, I was able to make one pint of tincture. Yes, back in the day, I used to do my own tinctures, (actually, I still do…wait for it…coming soon!)  Anyway, I carried this bottle around for years.

It was a big bottle to carry around as much as I traveled, but it went from Arizona to Mexico.  One day deep into rainy season on the Mayan Riviera, my friend was driving up an old country road and actually drove off  into the Mangroves.   Two broken ribs later, not to mention the huge scar from the twig going through his cheek, he was in serious pain.  Normally, by now, one would be in the hospital, but no, Ramone, would not!  So finally California Poppy came out and I must say; to the rescue.  He not only became pain-free, but he started to have these life changing transformational dreams.  He still swears that those dreams did come true in the future!


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