Dear Shoshana

Dear Shoshana,

How do I stop the runny nose every time I get a massage? -Stuffy in Hong Kong

Dear Stuffy in Hong Kong,

Most therapist would tell you that you are detoxing or opening channels.  But I find the truth is: you need to move the face-cradle up a bit, so the head is lifted. I used to get stuffy noses until Mark, my Assistant Manager (Congrats Mark for the promotion!!!), suggested that I move the face cradle up!  Give it a try.

Dear Shoshana,

How can I stay healthy in a fast paced world? – Stressed in Seattle

Dear Stressed in Seattle,

The reality is that you are not alone.  It is not easy to stay healthy in a fast paced life.    I find the best way to stay healthy is to get at least 15 minutes of exercise per day (my father has been telling me this for years, thanks Papa!).  This could be a rapid walking pace to work.  Running up and down the emergency steps in the corridor.  Finding a gym close to work-out.  Getting out of your desk chair to do some jumping jacks.  The body needs to move, it is a machine that if not oiled will become stiff and tired.

Secondly, to stay healthy we need to eat nourishing foods.  You can eat organic, local, and vegetarian, and still not be nourished.  I mean feed the body of what it craves when it craves it and then retain when it does not crave it.  Make sure to eat dark leafy greens at least once a day.  Never drink cold water.

Thirdly,  LAUGH!  If there is a medicine that can cure anything, it is laughter.  My mother and sister could be in the biggest fight, and then…one person could make a funny…and we are on the floor laughing.  The problems fade away and the light always shines.  Laugh, louder than you ever had.  That will keep you healthy!

Thanks again, for these questions…keep them coming!

Be well!


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