Escape from Problems with the Festive Spell

Four Seasons Hong Kong Spa just launched the Festive Spell

Without going into the details of the treatments, I need to blog about how I feel.  I have just left the treatment room and I am so happy.  I mean happy happy. That feeling that you get when you are in the zone, when everything  just seems right.  Self-right.  And what I mean by that, is that feeling that only you can find.  It is not taught or learned, it just is.  Now, the moment.  Yes.

INVIGORATED.  I feel that my heels are lifting and I am jumping with every step!  Warmed.  The ingredients that we chose for this treatment are chocolate, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg. 

Detoxified.  I feel that the process of my cleanse, which I will start next week, was initiated.

Soft.  My body is soft!  The shea butter that we use is the most rich and the chocolate that it is served in, wow….hot and sexy!

All this from a Spa Treatment.  And my answer is YES!

This treatment is three hours.  The idea behind this treatment came from my delicious thoughts of wanting to be covered in chocolate.   Really I wanted to be warmed, and feel spicy all that the same time.  Years ago, at Maroma Resort and Spa in Cancun Mexico, I created a treatment called Aphrodite’s Chocolate Invigoration. This was an inspiration from a time in my life that I had escaped problems to live in a land of Paradise.  I found a state of arousal through creating new spa treatments.  This particular treatment had my very demanding guests wanting more.  So years later, I have created another version with a lot more power packed anti-oxidants.

The treatment starts with a red wine bubble bath and glass of champagne.  That is followed by a full body exfoliation with crushed and smashed ginger, cinnamon, and sugar. The  base of the scrub is coconut oil, that balances the hot ingredients with a cooling oil.  Directly after the sugar scrub we apply a hot chocolate and shea butter mask.  This mask is dripped over you and then slowly massaged deep into the skin. The sugar from the scrub continues to melt to create a very sticky and warm coating over the body. Manju, my therapist that gave the treatment to me today, then massaged my head and face.  She said that I was snoring!

So far in the process, I am feeling so relaxed.  She asks me to sit up and go and sit in the steam room.  I was there for 10 minutes with the heavy chocolate mask, feeling that I was a festive spirit.  But my stomach was telling me that a heavy detox was happening.  So amazing.  Of course, all good treatments are ended with a therapeutic massage. 

Escape with me.  If you want me to book you for this treatment, or if you are a Spa Director and you want the recipe…I will share. The world must know about this!


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