Restoring Liquid to its Natural State

Bio Disc  something that has walked into my life and I thought that I would share it with you.  I dont know anything more than what is advertised, so I cannot claim anything…but I am intrigued!

Bio Disc is made up of 13 types of engineered minerals that are fused together by high heat onto a high-grade glass component.  This is manufactured only in Germany.  This Disc generates an energy that is known to modern science as Beta Rhythm. What this means is that it restores liquid back to its natural state. Reducing the negatives ions and producing positive ones.

It is said that the frequency of this little glass device measures to the same amount of mega cycles that so-called Chi is measures to.  Sounds a bit quirky to me. But I am still intrigued. 

If Skype can connect me to family and business across the planet, then I believe that a little glass can also have a certain energy to it. 

The benefits of this glass disc are said to be:

  • improving sleep
  • calming effect
  • detoxification of the cells
  • reducing stress
  • improved oxygenation of the cells
  • enhances the immune system
  • enhances the taste of water, beverages and foods.

The test to try the little beauty is to use flowers and fruits.  So you take a banana and put it on the disc, and then take another bannana from the same bunch and put it without the disc.  Wait for several days and when the banana begins to change, you will see the age of the banana on the disc does not.  Same with flowers, put two roses, on the disc and one off…and after a few days see the difference.  I will report back next week!  

Really the idea is to energize all of the drinking water, vegetables, and bathwater!  I will also be trying this.

Let me know if you have any questions!!  Remember, Dear Shoshana is on Sunday, get your burning questions to me!


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