Spatique on Victoria Harbor-Travel Necessity!

For those of you who travel, we all know we have our favorite items that must make it into our carry-on.  Back in the days when I was the Director of Spa Development for Orient Express Hotels, and spent three weeks out of every month on a plane, I realized there were three things that I needed to have with me. Firstly, Susan Posnick’s cosmetics.  Secondly, SkinAgain Healing Serum, and thirdly, Immu-Power Essential oil.

I love Susan Posnick makeup!  It is so simple and for travel it makes using make-up fuzz-less!  The eyeshadow is on one side and the eye-liner on the other.  They are perfectly matched!

SkinAgain Healing Serum is beyond amazing.  It is our first-aid kit packed into one bottle.  I have a true life story: on our family trip to Bali last year, Gonzalo was bending over to grab a toy for Lotem.  He was not looking and his nose slammed into a wood table.  Blood was everywhere, and he saw stars!  He ran to the bathroom to put tepid water to rinse the blood…and then instantly applied this Serum.  He has no scar for proof that there is no scar.  This amazing serum can be used for all scars as well as stretch marks!

Young Livings Immu-Power

After stepping off a plane I always feel that I am holding on my person millions of bugs that will give me some sort of virus, or uncomfortable ibbie gibbies.  So the first thing that I do, is either pull out my traveling essential oil diffuser or run a hot bath and apply essential oils.  The Essential Oil that I put in to either of these lifesavers is named; Immu-Power.  Put 10 drops in  a diffuser, or alternatively, 9 drops in a hot bath.


  • Mountain Savory – antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial, an excellent immune system builder.
  • Cistus – proven effective rapid healthy cell regeneration.
  • Ravensara – referred to the people of Madagascar as “the miraculous healing plant.” Powerful against all forms of infection, sinus, flu, respiratory, and is helpful for proper adrenal gland function.
  • Frankincense – ancient text say it was used to heal every kind of ill known.
  • Oregano – known to have above a 99% kill rate against many bacteria & viruses.
  • Clove – ORAC score of 10,800,000, the highest rating of any antioxidant on the planet, nothing even comes close!
  • Cumin – helps balance digestive & immune function.
  • Idaho Tansy – can help improve weakness of kidneys, joints, digestive system, and assists balancing body systems.

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