Therapeutic Massage is Preventivie Medicine

Therapeutic does this equate to Healing? 

Is it true that regular Massage acts as Preventive Medicine? 

A good friend of mine Steve Rayle, an Emergency Room Doctor of over 20 years, once told me that after years of working in an Emergency Room, he believes the main cause of all the symptoms that were present, was STRESS.

I have decided to dig further and ask one of my most skilled Massage Therapists her views on the concept of Therapeutic Massage and preventive medicine.  Jayrn, has been a therapist for more than 10 years.  She has found that 90% of her clients are coming for relief from upper and lower back pain caused by STRESS.

She believes that the communication between the mind and body needs to be restored and the best way to offer this is by Therapeutic massage.  She calls it Body Balancing.  There are two types of massage, direct and indirect, Jayrn uses indirect which does not force the tissues to release.   The body talks to her hands, “when I put my hands on the body, it is as if there is a switch that turns on, and tells my hands to go left, right, or twist.”  Jayrn is the vehicle for the body’s desire to heal, “it is the body that wants to heal”, I just help to remind the body & mind that it can.”

I asked Jayrn what is her message to the world of STRESS, she replied, “Invest time and money for health. Relax the mind and body.  Therapeutic massage increase blood circulation, and helps the individual to cope with stress.  It is a preventive medicine.”

So my family and I are off to Borneo to discover the hidden world of Therapeutic Massage from old world healers.  More on that next week!  Don’t forget that Dear Shoshana Sunday is coming up! What are your burning questions that need to be answered.  I will be answering from paradise!


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