Transformation-Acupuncture Treatment makes Sex Better!

I would love to introduce everyone to my sister, Elisha Weinberg, she is our guest blogger on this fine Tuesday!  Her bio is below and anyone that is in Seattle need to visit her clinic, because she is a dream weaver, and life-saver!  She has written this article that can be found on her website, Ayaffa,   

I had to share it because I really believe that Acupuncture can make sex better. Transform your life!   Please let us know if you like our blog post of the day.  I now pass the pen to Elisha:

Now…this isn’t that kind of blog so I’m going to let you use your imagination for the details, but it’s true. A happier, healthier you leads to a more fulfilled sex life. So…since it’s clear I love making lists, let’s get started.

1)   A relaxed you…body, mind and soul leads to more availability to be present.To be intimate. To be available to fully feel the sacredness of touch.

Acupuncture creates a deep calm that permeates all parts of your life. If you haven’t tried it…after one treatment you will know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

2)  Stress leads to pain.  Pain leads to Stress.  Acupuncture helps break the chain.  With regular treatments the shift away from holding stress and managing your pain will change your focus from what doesn’t feel good…to looking forward to what does….

3)  Sometimes it’s just a lack of sex-drive.  That can be diagnosed and dealt with on a person by person basis.  Acupuncture is a very effective modality for shifting the waning and replacing it with a renewed sense of vigor and excitement for not only sex, but life in general!

4)  Menopause has changed the game?  That’s true…but sometimes the body just needs a little balancing  to flow in it’s old ways…and sometimes there is a new appreciation of intimacy that needs to be created between partners.  Acupuncture helps you gain clarity about your needs and get comfortable again for the first time in your skin.  I have heard from many of menopausal patients that sex is better than ever now…

5)  Lack of Vitality and Energy?  Always tired?  Always wishing there was more time?  Well, I can’t create more time, but I can sure help with your energy.  Learn to balance your energy for sustained release throughout the day.  Acupuncture is amazing at finding where your energy needs to be, and bringing it there.  If I thought it would be helpful to call it magic…I would.

I can’t stress enough the emotional balance that is necessary for a healthy sex life.  In my practice I strive to hear your needs and suggest meditations and different ways of looking at situations to bring clarity, balance and peace to your mind and spirit.  This kind of balance is priceless as it extends to a joyful, blissful life in all corners of your world.

About Elisha

I am often asked when I first wanted to be a practitioner of Oriental Medicine. Over twenty years ago when my little sister and I were young, she contracted shingles, which was rare for a child. My family tried everything to make her more comfortable, but nothing helped her pain or her fever. One day, my parents were given the name of an Acupuncturist. Since they had exhausted all other options they were willing to try anything. My sister and my parents left and I was at home, terrified at the idea of my little sister being poked all over with needles.

When they returned two hours later, my sister, who hadn’t done much besides moan for a week, walked into the house and sat at the table. I started asking all kinds of questions only to find out the acupuncture didn’t hurt her at all. After her treatment, not only was the pain dramatically reduced, but also her fever broke and she had energy and an appetite. It was at this point, when I was awed at the unbelievable, that my first interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was kindled.

Years later, in my twenties, I broke my back while doing some tricky rollerblading moves. My option was surgery. That sounded like a very bad idea to me. When I mentioned this to a friend, she suggested an Acupuncturist she had seen, and I thought of my sister and her case of shingles. I immediately started a course of acupuncture treatments and my back slowly but surely began to heal. At this point, I began getting regular acupuncture and became increasingly interested in the theories behind the healings. That interest has never dwindled.

Many people would have you believe that Chinese Medicine is a miracle medicine. That has been my experience in very few cases. It is true that Chinese Medicine receives patients who have exhausted all other options, so the relief they feel after many years of pain seems miraculous. Rather, I have found that the combination of Chinese medicine, food therapy, daily focused relaxation and exercise are the staples of health.

In my experience treating patients, I have found Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies to be extremely effective for not only pain, but for: systemic relaxation, emotional trauma, headaches, vitality issues, gynecological issues, allergies, digestive issues, arthritis, fibromyalgia, post-stoke rehabilitation and as a conjunctive therapy with cancer treatments. In fact, there has not been a dis-ease that I have found Chinese Medicine to at least energetically address. Chinese Medicine, combined with healthy living is really the key to unlocking your true potential.


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