Movement Monday-Tai Chi

“a great river flowing continuously never ending”

Now. I understand movement.  Yesterday, I was blessed with spending the entire day with my son, Lotem.  Just him and me.  I know most people would be thinking that I would then go on to describe movement through a two-year old child’s eyes.  But the reality is that I found movement through Tai Chi.  Lotem and I were walking through the Botanical Park in Hong Kong, when we came across the most beautiful sight. Between tall fall blooming trees and red unnamed birds, was a man, wearing a light orange-colored oxford and khaki pants.  His hands moved like they were in-between time and space, and then his body followed.  It was as if he sliced through the world.  There was stillness in his movement, yet is was continuous.  The movement was exact and simply put, beautiful.

This story continues as I see my son starting to imitate the Tai Chi movements, which is beautiful in its own rite.  The man in orange and khaki noticed this two-year old moving in Tai Chi and smiled and then slowly but Directly sent energy towards him.  To some that may sound strange.  But at the instant that this was happening I can assure you that everyone around was also in our little bubble.  And at that exact moment another man crossed our energetic path and immediately went into an opposite version of this movement.  Lotem was in the middle (and I guess I was too.)  So there we were: my son, two elderly well dressed men, (who if seen walking on the street one would think they would never be in this moment), and myself, all sending powerful energy to my son, whom was also moving energy.  So what is this movement, and how in the world, could I actually see it?  It sounds like this could be question for yesterdays, Dear Shoshana.

Tai chi, is actually translated as Supremely Ultimate, the source of all things.  As I clear my throat, it is the theory of yin an yang (the story of me and my husband,) the dynamic relations between two opposing forces that constantly move in a cycle.  It is said that Tai Chi came into movement after watching a snake attacking a swallow, and their fight for food and/or life.

For those that are more grounded in the physical, Tai chi is practiced for health benefits. These benefits include; cardio-fitness, reduced symptoms of A.D.H.D., joint pain relief, stress reduction, anxiety reduction, balance, flexibility and coordination skills, etc.

Rest assured that I will be discovering more about this fascinating movement and sharing my own experience as I delve deeper into the source of all things.


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