Spatique on Victoria Harbor

 I know all you must be wondering what is a Spatique.  Here it goes.  Catherine Scown, the Four Seasons Hong Kong, Sr. Director of Marketing, came by the Spa’s boutique, and felt that it was not correct to call it just a boutique.  That is because it is a lifestyle boutique that encompasses all forms of ways to relax, rejuvenate, and change, with dollars!  

Now, Catherine, is known as our Queen….her words command many ears.  Her opinion was that our Boutique was much more than just a shop but a place where one could come to combine items that relax and put the mind at ease.  Therefore, the word Spatique emerged.   Further to her ideas, my eyes find these special items that create a sense of harmony, it could be a new skin care product, a cozy blanket, eye pillows, clutches or even jewelry.  Which brings me to my Spatique review of this Saturday. 

If you don’t know Katie Hess of Lotus Wei,, you must.  Her belief is that “flowers reflect our own inner beauty back to us.  They awaken and magnify our special qualities.”   Hess also believes that these magical oils and sprays enhance your state of mind.  Flower essences are energetic infusions that work on the subtle levels of the body.  I know that may sound a bit woo-woo…but you must try! 

I just had a visit from Varun Sharma, from Inside Luxury Travel, and sprayed him with the Inspired Action. He stopped for a minute and said, “Yes!”  The Sweet smell of lime and citrus mixed with cardamom!  Not to mention what the Joy Juice made me feel!  Yippee!  The sprays are wonderful because you can keep them by your computer during the day and stay hydrated and happy.  The serums are wonderful to keep in your bag to keep your pulse points with the reminders that they need!  The Lotus Wei come in: Joy Juice, Inner peace, Infinite Love, Quiet Mind, Inspired Action, Quiet Mind, and Pure Energy.  They are a must buy!

If you have any ideas for you products to be featured here…let me know! Tomorrow is Dear Shoshana, there is still space left if you have any burning questions that you think I could help with!


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