Therapeutic Thursday

Wow. Awed. Yesterday the Spa at Four Seasons was awarded *****5 Stars from Forbes.  I am overwhelmed.  What does this mean? Firstly, What a GREAT team I have!  They have worked hard for six years and today they are recognized!  Secondly, we have reached a goal that was set out for us, to personalize service and to offer therapeutic experiences to our guests. Thirdly, our standard of luxury is unmatched!  Wow. Awed!

Therapeutic, I find, in the pink roses that landed on my desk yesterday morning!  The smell of fresh roses with dew still gripping to the petals.  This reminds me of a wonderful poem by a mystic author, Kabir:

Garden of Flowers

Do not go into the garden of flowers

O friend, go not there.

In your body is the garden of flowers.

Take your seat on the thousand petals of lotus

and there gaze upon the infinite beauty.

Kabir teaches us that those pink flowers that elated my senses earlier  in the yesterday are attainable every minute.  That is the basis of Therapy.  Now today you can buy therapeutic pillows, oils, massages, facials, shoes, clothes, watches….(will talk more about this on Spatique Saturday!) However, what Kabir teaches us is that therapy is attainable without even spending a dollar.  Sit. Be quiet. Find that infinite beauty.

The other day I was stopped by a guest that needed to unload.  He was married man of ten years and his wife was having an emotional internet affair with a past lover.  He discovered this horrifying truth when she returned home one day and she stated “I am leaving you.”  Since hearing this he has found  for the first time in his married life that he truly loves her.  He asked me what to do.

I suggested the only thing a Spa Director could.  I offered him a Therapeutic Massage with one of my most skilled therapists.  And I sent him home with an even greater message, “the only thing that you must focus on is finding you.  He stands before you, knocking on your door. Open it.”  Why did I leave him with those words?  Because most of our problems come from our own mental state of being.  Mind controls body.  His body hurt, his heart hurt, his emotions were out of balance.

First find that you are already in balance by finding awareness on self.

I still have space for Dear Shoshana questions.  You can email them to me!  Give it a try, sometimes you may find the right answer.


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