Transformation Tuesday

5 Steps Towards Transformation

I had to share this picture of my son, Lotem.  He is such an angel and is truly a teacher of this topic, Transformation.  I wanted to share this because he is wearing an outfit that I believe we must all try on for sizing, the handyman (fixing one issue after another).  I am sure that anyone with children, or anyone who manages as many people as I do at Four Seasons Hong Kong, knows that fixing can be fun, and so can transformation.

In the Science of Life, which, we all have studied since birth, one learns that transformation is the basis of all beings.  If our skin goes through 9000 changes in one lifetime (depending on how long you live) then imagine the revolution of our mental state in one day.  Transformation is possible.  I was told years ago by my father words that have continued to aid my metamorphosis, ” There is no person, place, or thing, that can clean up your side of the street.  You must take responsibility for all of your actions.”   Start now, take responsibility and claim your creation within the transformations.  Today I would like to share how metamorphosis is possible:

First. Make the decision to transform.

Second.  Change your environment to reflect the transformation.

Third. Repeat the transformation as it was a mantra.  Allow the brain to relax from time to time with the simple repetition of this change. Breath.

Fourth. Forgive and be free.  Find that person, place, or thing,  that is stopping you from taking full responsibility to change, and let it go. Be free.

Fifth. Breath. The breath has powers of metamorphosis.

Like a butterfly we also go through our stages of life.  What stage are you in now?  How are you living your day today? With compassion, love, understanding?  Are you breathing? Take a deep breath, feel life fill your lungs. Then believe you can let go.

Sometimes the simple act of applying essential oils with intention can help to start the metamorphosis.  I love to mix the following two oils which I now call the Transformational Blend:

Frankincense, a resin from the Boswellia carteri tree.  Combined with Neroli. extracted from the flowers of Citrus aurantium var. amara

I heard a story once from a good friend of mine, She told me about a tough time in her life when she excommunicated herself from the real world and went deep into the mountains of Mexico.  As the days passed she would walk through a grove of trees that were close to the place where she slept.  The days seemed to become lighter, and in the nights she rested easier.  After a week, she finally realized that as she passed this grove of trees she noticed a smell that made her feel elated.  When she dug a little further and finally spoke after a week of silence the farmer whom tended this grove replied, “this tree holds the fruit of an orange, the flower of neroli.”  How interesting.  Since that story was relayed to me, Neroli has been my go-to oil for all transformation.

If you have any feedback or you would like for me to go further in depth please dont hesitate to contact me.  This is just the beginning of the life of Shoshana Spa.  Next Transformation Tuesday I will invite a guest speaker who will go more in depth about a breathing practice that can help with greater metamorphosis.


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